Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game App Reviews

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I think you need to get it updated when I race it freezes when I do a race


When I did practice, I press Play, it’s writing could not find a game to join


Super fun


This game is sooo fun me and my friends play it all the time u guys should definitely download it

Fun run 3

This game was introduced to me by my cousin and it looked violent but it is not! loving fun run 3 👌😛😉


I love your game too much please send me gems and coins in this game I’m a kid so just pls send me it for free send it to my game on my iPad thx!




It’s funny and fun when you play with your friends or family seeing them get mad or happy and laughing is great

Good game

Make a fun run sports game????

Best game evvaaaaaa

I love this game so much, I play it everyday and it is really fun, there is not a lot of ads and you can get coins easy. But sometimes you rage a lot... not saying I do ;) but I really do love this game.


The game seems good & all but the daily wheel seems a bit rigged.Maybe if you can make it spin all the way I’d be convinced in the reward I’d receive?

Stupid Game

Fix these stupid glitches

Very fun

I love this game but I can’t give it 5 star because they should make this game without having to use WiFi

Come on man

Make it so everyones game is in sync, especially in arena because theres been numerous times where the game has lagged and another player that was behind me is all of a sudden in front of me. Please fix this its only a matter of time before i smash I phone.


The game is cheap they kill you when you’re about to win FIRST PLACE FRICKN UPGRADE😡😡😡😡

More frustration than fun

The game itself is fun and exciting. What ruins it is the pricing of everything in game, it’s way too expensive! Spend your time and money winning all 12 arena games and you barely get much of a reward. Gift someone a gift box and they get something cheap or a skin for a character they don’t have. It’s all about the money for these game makers, have fun playing this for a couple weeks before it gets old.

Love this game !

You can make new friends and communicate with ppl ! super fun!!!

Been playing since the first fun run came out

Me and my brother used to play this so much and we had so much fun playing and thank you for making a 3rd fun run 💙💙💙


Coool game

High Prices!!!!

There has to be a way for us to earn more coins! I've been playing for quite some time and barely have enough money to get a jacket! Can we please decrease these prices or provide more coins in the reward chests? I get that the accessories and power ups might motivate people to play more and earn more coins, but the prices are so high it kinda makes me want to delete the app.


this game is fun

Really good game

Ok this game is so fun and the point that you get to make friends and that you can edit your mini character.The point is that this game does not get boring like I have had this game for a while and most of the games I download gets boring but not this one.If you want a game and you are scared of it getting boring well then download this game 😉

I hate this game # Martinaters

Ivan and Emilio

love this game

Game is so fun


Every time I watch the video for the arena I’m all ready eliminated from the game and I lost a life which isn’t fair please fix this and everything is way too overpriced , I used to play fun run 1 and 2 and they were better , you can actually afford the clothing and the animals. I do enjoy the new maps and power ups but I think you should lower the prices

Please fix iPhone X

So I love this game but ever since the update has happen, my iPhone X gameplay is horrible. My screen is zoomed in and I can’t see what’s ahead of me like I could before the update. So please fix the iPhone X screens display for your game.

Fun Run 3

I love this game so much it’s so fun and addictive

PROGRESS reset without deleting game



I been playing this game since Fun Run 2 came out. But now I’ve been going around some clans and they all been saying they GRIND on arena and get 12 wins straight and get nothing but xp. And several have like my idea of getting 12 straight with no losses to give a small gift and 24 with no lose a animal. And if y’all don’t think it’s fair you can make some new maps and make it hard. And also I get like 5 gems when I go 12-0 but when I go 5-3 I get like 4 gems, something don’t add up here you know what I mean. But other then this I love the game. Keep up the good work and I look forward to some news things in the game.

This game is great

I love this game and I really mean it but one thing I would change is the price of the clothing. I only make 500 -700 coins and every single dress or outfit is over 10000.

Fun but sometimes cheats !!

Fun but sometimes cheats !!! Big big dislike !!

Fun asf

This lah bihh lit 😂!!!

Ads galore, glitchy, no coins

Game favors elite players. Programming just changed making arena more difficult so they can get you to three strikes and entice you to keep playing by watching more ads. Power ups change, have a rocket, might be a blade. I have noticed in games with players on lesser levels that I have had power ups magically appear that I didn’t get from a box. Empty then boom, new power up. They rigged the game to make you watch ads. Boo

Fun Run 3 is great! Buuutttt...........

I love Fun Run 3. I always play with my sisters and my aunt and occasionally my mom but I think its stupid that you can only frikin change your name once. Other than that it is good. But the prices are way too high cause you don't get rewarded as much.


I'm really addicted

Fu#% this game

Constantly freezing my phone so other players can pass me. May time they have change my placing at the end of the race. I starting to think it purposely being done because of the 1 star rating... Fix the issue you won’t get low ratings, period. I am recording it and put you guys on blast on YouTube so watch it..


Why if ur next to someone the person runs faster than u?!

The most fun game on Earth

No Problems. Very fun game. And very addicting. CAT’T STOP PLAYING THIS GAME!!!!

Fun game, but way to expensive

Fun Run 3 is great. Tons of fun to play. The problem with the game is the items to customize your character is way way too expensive. Its nearly impossible to get items without dumping money into the game. Its fine that they have that as an option but this game takes it to a whole new level.

Best game ever

It’s one of the best games I like

Gets old quick

The matches are never even, low ranking ppl are used as bait or fillers. You can literally see the game Cheat you out of wins and everything is ridiculously priced and tooooo many ads and videos to watch

Good game but overpriced shop

The game is good, it always has been, but everything in the shop is so over priced and coin collecting is a bit hard


I had 12 wins in arena and I got no prize then I got another 11 wins NOTHING I need a prize right now

Perfect app

I’m the same girl who said that I wish we could delete our account and OMG THEY NOTICED ME! They added the “Delete Account” button and now I can start fresh and new . THANK YOU!!!!!

Love it

This game is so fun! My friend convinced me to get this game and It was awesome. I would highly recommended.

Always races you with people who are way higher

All I wanted was to be a gold 4 then the game puts me with elites and diamonds it’s not fair of course they are going to win and then once I lose a lot of rating then they put me with easier appointees when they should have had me against players on my level I’m disappointed and fun run more like pathetic run


This game advertises playing with 8 players. You can only play with 3 friends! The game is fun and deliciously violent, but it would be better if you could play with 7 friends, as advertised!!!

I’m a fan

I’ve been playing it seen I was little and I remember it was so fun so I downloaded the newest one


Sometimes when I finish a race it says 27352k even though I’m not exactly at it and it says 27341

Fun but stressful

The games is super fun and great. The grafics are cool, the animals and skins are very cute, but it is way to stressful. Everything is to exspensive, and the controls, what’s the point of sliding when you could just run and jump straight. The point of the games is to jump, run , and have fun. Not slide, jump, and be stressed. What ever happened to the first fun run.😢😭

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