Fun Run 3: Arena Running Game App Reviews

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Nice game

Nice game

Ads are what gave me a 3 Star.

I get every ad after each race. Tone down the ads.

Stop the ads!!!

The unavoidable ads at the end of every single game are ridiculous!!!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Too many ads

The game is prettty fun but you get an ad after almost every game.. like 4/5 games you are guaranteed an ad it just got so annoying



Love the game hate the ads!!

Love the game hate the ads!!






This game is simple but it is amazing on how the graphics are just insanely good

This is amazing

This game is awesome and fun


Why is Fun Run and Fun Run 2 Deleted ? I like those better than 3 Y’all Should’ve Never Deleted it !!!!!

My therapy

I love it!!! Greetings from Puerto Rico!


Great game people

Good game

It is a fun game but the only thing that bothers me is that you have to pay for a lot of stuff but over all good game


I love it!

Good game

By far ever since I've downloaded this game, I have done nothing but gain progress and had a jolly good time doing so. As a gamer I pick up quickly on the mechanics and all you really have to do is run, jump and for the ones who've been playing for longer have a more skillful advantage by using those buttons in other ways, very good and interesting game to say the least. Highly recommend to those who love to compete. And to extremely skillful you guys have the most perfect route everytime 👌🏼

Stays updated

I can say it’s still as smooth and fun as it was win it first released




Me my friend and family enjoy this game I wanna see your new updates

Put Fun Run 2 Back On App Store

Fun Run 3 is basura🚮 Fun Run 2>>


The game is pretty fun, but the customizable items are way too expensive.

I want funrun2 back !!!!!!

Fun Run 2 is way better sorry! The animals n graphics r better n cuter in the 2nd I don't like the look of this one u should keep it the way it was but overall it's a good game but if u have played fun run 2 it would b alil disappointing I think !


love playing against my boyfriend


I KEEP DISCONNECTING when I have perfect connection what is going on ???????? I had the app before and never had this problem


Is there any way I can play Fun Run 2 again?


Yo so this might’ve be asked more than once but we need to be able to change our clan name/color and delete the clan if we wanted to. It would really help if you added that in the game ASAP. thank you.

This game cool but has problems

In arena I was with the butterflies 2 or 3 seconds and I got eliminated and the magnets are so annoying but this game is fun so ima rate 4

Add Limited Time Game Modes for Quick Play and Arena

It’s a great game that I have been playing since the 2nd one came out.The graphics are good, the outfits aren’t bad, the animals and skin are good but could add limited time game modes.The game has only arena and quick play and I want limited time game modes for quick play and arena.Its just the same.We could add limited time game modes to make the game more fun.I’ll still rate this game a 5 star but please read this and add the limited time game modes for quick play and arena.

Fun but lagging

Fun game and I really enjoy the updates , but lately it’s been lagging... and all at the wrong times.


Plz lower the cost for coming with gems plz I’m broke

It’s Ok

Most of the time SOME elites be cheating, but other then that fun run is very addictivee

It’s ok

Eh I liked Fun Run 2 better.

Fun run opinion

I like fun run but it can get very boring and the clothing is way to expensive. Other then that it’s fine From, Mikhal Raiber


I played this game and tried so hard so that I could have enough coins for the duck skin. I literally saw that it was available and when I finally had enough coins for it, it’s suddenly out of season and now I can’t get it. Now I have to be unhappy and ugly in the stupid fox skin. Thanks a lot.

I have this game .

This game has secret cameras that watch you and determine the outcome of the race by what nationality you are . I am African American , and I feel very unwelcome because they have glitched me too many times . This game is awful and I’m deleting it very soon . I hate the creators of this game . Get a life .

Game scenes

There are not a variety of game scenes to choose from

Very fun

This game is very fun and competitive, and I will recommend to friends. The only suggestion I have is that it takes a while to get coins, even when I watch extra ads, so if you could get more coins after every race, that would make it just that bit better.


This game is very addicting but I don’t advised no one to play it cheats too much

Fun run 3

This game left me amazed of how good of a game it is

It’s great.

It is a great game and it is so fun.

Awesome game :)

I love this game

Losing experience point when game loses connection

I would give 5 stars but when the game loses connection we lose points for something not our fault. Also 3rd place shouldn’t lose points either because you are getting a spot only 4th should lose points.

Been playing since it first came out years ago

I love fun run!! Please make it so that our mics work during a run so we can trash talk!!!! This’ll make it extra fun

Great game

This game is so fun and additive I’ll admit I play way to much it’s super fun and I love it I recommend this game to people on the App Store right now or the play store I Recommend the game to you install it because it’s super fun like the title says

I love this app it’s challenging but I can go thru it me and my friend

I love this app it’s challenging but I can go thru it me and my friend

Dirtybit such a disgrace

An absolute disgrace that dirtybit abandoned fun run 1 and left it to cheaters and hacks! No other fun run is worth a moment of your time. Evil, vile people at dirtybit behind this outrage. Apple should ban their shenanigans.


The game is adorable. I remember when this game first came out. I play with my sister all he time.

5 star

It’s a awesome game

Good but one suggestion

I like the game but it takes a long time to get coins, what if when you win a race you get coins?


Luv it. I enjoy playing with friends! This is a perfect game to challenge eachother 😊

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